Ariza Y Su Combo – Costa Alegre

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Label:Discos Fuentes – LP 300583


Used LP 197? Mono

Disc:VG+/VG (A1 has scratch on second part, rest of tracks plays good)

Jacket:VG+ (good condition, split type of sleeve front and back sides)

A piece from the prestigious Discos Fuentes by the Colombian cumbia/polo ensemble Ariza Y Su Combo, led by Carlos Ariza. The album features total 12 tracks from pollo to cumbia to bolero that will make your body sway uncontrollably.  The highlights include A1 "Macondo" (with a scratch in the second half), tasteful and relaxing rhythm work A5 “Me Equivoque Contigo”, and The groovy back-up band's performance on B2 "Manuelita". Cover is also tempting. Mono version.

Carlos Arizaが率いたコロンビアのクンビア/ポロアンサンブルAriza Y Su Comboによる名門Discos Fuentesからの一枚。思わず身体が揺れる心地よいポロ~クンビア~ボレロまで全12曲を収録。とりわけハイライトのA1”Macondo”(後半にスクラッチあり)、味のあるゆったりとしたリズムワークA5”Me Equivoque Contigo”、グルーヴィなバック隊の演奏が光るB2”Manuelita”あたりは聴き所。ジャケもグッ。Mono盤。

A1 - Macondo

A5 - Me Equivoque Contigo

B2 - Manuelita

B6 - Costa Alegre