Luis Cilia ‎– A Regra Do Fogo

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Label:Tejo – TJ 002


Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (good shape overall, only feel slight surface noise as quiet record)

Jacket:VG+ (small tear on side of sleeve, small tape mark, totally good category)

Born in Angola, a Portuguese colony, he sang folk songs denouncing colonial wars and Portugal's lack of freedom in France in the 1960s, and continued to compose for movies, TV, scores, etc. after moving to Portugal. The composer Luis Cilia has recorded the most in Portugal in the last 50 years. This album is a collection of his ballet works released in 1988. Total 4 tracks, include "Memno" that the melody of Portuguese guitar by Pedro Caldeira Cabral and the beautiful synth pad will captivate your heart, dance piece with an abstract beat ”A Insustentável Certeza Do Ser”, nostalgic and melancholy soundscape ”Saxofonia”, and “Goodbye Macau”, a soundscape drawn with an impressive minimal touch, including tones like Japanese instruments and harps. Insane work. One of the rarest of his works.

ポルトガル植民地アンゴラにて生まれ、60年代に渡った亡命先のフランスにて植民地戦争とポルトガルの自由の欠如を糾弾したフォークソングを歌い、ポルトガルに移った後も映画、TV、舞踏等への作曲活動など幅を広げながら、ポルトガルにおけるこの50年で最も録音をした作曲家Luis Cilia。本作は88年に発表したバレエ作品だけを集めた楽曲集。Pedro Caldeira Cabralによるポルトギーズギターの旋律、美しく伸びやかなシンセパッドに心奪われる”Memno”、アブストラクトなビートを持ったダンサンブル”A Insustentável Certeza Do Ser”、ノスタルジックな音像に憂いを覚える”Saxofonia”、邦楽器やハープのような音色も印象的なミニマルなタッチで描かれる音風景”Goodbye Macau”の全4曲。はぁ素晴らしい。彼の作品でも最も稀少となっている一枚。

A1 - Memno

A2 - A Insustentável Certeza Do Ser

B1 - Saxofonia

B2 - Goodbye Macau