José Casimiro – Cabo Verde Terra Natal

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Label:Iefe Discos – IEFE-020


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (tear on left side of sleeve, scuffs/wear, writing on back, totally not bad condition)

José Casimiro, who is not only a musician, also a mayor after resisting the dictatorship, has been awarded a medal as a humanist after his death. This album was produced in 1983 with the participation of many Cape Verdean musicians such as Paulino Vieira, Zé António, Luis Morais. The entire album is enjoyable from rhythmical tracks such as B1/B4/A1 to mid-tempo tracks like A5/B3, and unique arrangements of B2. Totally good contents.

ミュージシャンだけではなく独裁政権への抵抗などを経て市長まで務め死後にはヒューマニストとして勲章を授与しているというJosé Casimiro。本作はPaulino Vieira,Zé António,Luis Moraisなどカーボベルデ出身ミュージシャンが多数参加して制作された83年作。B1/B4/A1などのリズミカルなトラックからA5/B3のようなミッドテンポの心地よい曲、面白いアレンジのB2まで全体を通して楽しめる好内容。特にB面はグッド。

A1 - Djam Branco Dja

A5 - Amid Júzé

B1 - Chéma Lopî

B2 - Ami Qui É Zé Badio

B3 - És Meninas De Goce

B4 - Bulimundo