Carlos Maria Trindade / Nuno Canavarro ‎– Mr. Wollogallu

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Label:União Lisboa/Polygram ‎


Used LP 1991

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The Portuguese composer Nuno Canavarro, known for his premature masterpiece "Plux Quba" in 1988, which was unearthed with surprise at the end of the 1990s and Carlos Maria Trindade, a keyboardist and a member of the folk group Madredeus, showed a glimpse of his talent on a 7" single left in 1982, a masterpiece of 1991 by the two of them. The A side is a supple and warm sound composed by Carlos Maria Trindade and B side is richly sound space filled with various ethnic instruments and sampled sounds composed by Nuno Canavarro. The Nuno Canavarro side, including "Blu Terra", has an impact, but the Carlos Maria Trindade side also has a dazzling content that blends traditional and modern sounds, including "Plan". Just amazing.

 90年代末に驚きを持って発掘された88年の早すぎた傑作”Plux Quba”でも知られるポルトガルの作曲家Nuno Canavarroと82年に残されている7"シングルでもその片鱗を見せ、フォークグループMadredeusのメンバーでもある鍵盤奏者Carlos Maria Trindadeの91年の共作。AサイドはCarlos Maria Trindade作曲のしなやかで温かみのあるサウンド、B面はNuno Canavarro作曲の様々な民族楽器やサンプリング音を交えた極彩の音響空間。”Blu Terra”をはじめNuno Canavarro側がインパクトありますが、Carlos Maria Trindade側も”Plan”はじめ伝統とモダンな響きが溶け合った眩い内容。ただただ浸って頂けます。美品にて再入荷しました。

A1 - The Truth

A4 - Plan

A7 - West

B1 - Blu Terra

B3 - Ven 5

B4 - Segredos M.