Rolando Chia, Darsel Salinas – Tratado De Insectos De Metamorfosis Completas

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Label:Laudano – 001


Used 7" 1985

Disc:VG+ (overall sound is quiet and feel light surface noise, generally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wrinkles, totally not bad conditon)

Amazing mini-album "Vistas Fijas" by three of Mexico City's most important underground figures, Rolando Chia, Armando Velazco and Carlo Salinas is their own Laudano label 002. This is label 001, which seems to have been produced at the same time. It's total conceptual work by aforementioned Rolando Chia and Carlo Salinas that reproduce the world that is familiar but far from everyday life, playing only with acoustic instruments and household items without using electronic musical instruments. Unevenly struck brass instruments? The sound of glass? and a breathy collage of sounds, "Afanipteros" is on one side, while the other side contains four tracks, including the dreamy chamber piece "Neuropteros". Amazing experimental piece along with Vistas Fijas, that should be listened to by home recording fans and DIY sound lovers alike.

Rolando Chia,Armando Velazco,Carlo Salinasのメキシコシティのアンダーグラウンド最重要人物3人が作り上げたLaudanoレーベル発の傑作ミニアルバム”Vistas Fijas”と同時期に制作されたと思われるレーベル1番。前述のRolando ChiaとCarlo Salinasの両者が「昆虫論 完全変態の巻」と題したフィールドレコーディング音源や電子楽器は使わず、アコースティック楽器と家庭用品のみで演奏し、身近にありながら日常とはかけ離れた世界を再現したコンセプチュアルな作品。不均一に打ち込まれる金管楽器?ガラスの音?と吸い込むようなコラージュ音が織り成すミニマル曲”Afanipteros”を片面いっぱい、もう片面にはドリーミーな室内楽”Neuropteros”を含む4曲を収録。宅録ファンやDIYサウンド好きにも聴いて頂きたいVistas Fijasと共に傑作に挙げたい一枚。

A1 - Neuropteros

A3 - Dipteros

A4 - Himenopteros

B - Afanipteros