Tomoyuki Hayashi = 林知行 – Color Message・Blue

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Label:Kanebo/Apollon – APCE-5314, 


Used CD 1993

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Composer Tomoyuki Hayashi, who has worked as musical director for the international synthesizer player Kitaro, as well as for various other productions, left this CD for Kanebo's Sound Esthetic series in 1993. This blue version was produced after the green version, as was the case with the three other works by Shiho Yabuki. The original sound source of 10 tracks was expanded based on the image of "blue" such as relief, tranquility, comfort, sea, sky, as well as experiments with effects. It's not a conventional work, has various themes and a quality that gives the impression of having been well-crafted. One of great 90's CD production.

国際的シンセサイザー奏者 喜多郎の音楽監督やその他多岐に渡るプロダクションを手掛ける作曲家 林知行がカネボウのサウンドエステティックシリーズに残した93年のCD作品。矢吹紫帆も三作品を残しているようにこの作品もグリーン編に続き制作されたブルー編。安堵、静寂、快適、海、空など「青」の持つイメージ、効果実験を元に拡張された全10曲のオリジナル音源。ありきたりな作品ではなく様々なテーマも添えられしっかり作り込まれた印象を持つクオリティも備えています。全編洗練された高内容。

T1 - Symphony Blue

T2 - Sea Blue

T6 - Primary Blue

T7 - Deep Blue

T8 - Starlight Blue