Shinsuke Honda = 本多信介 – Whale Songs クジラの歌が聞こえる

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Label:Bandai Music – APCE-6014


Used CD 1997

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Shinsuke Honda, the guitarist of the legendary band "Hachimitsupai", after the breakup of the band, he became a backup musician such as Minako Yoshida, Morio Agata, others and in addition to producing music for movies and TV dramas and reliable his solo works "Silence" and "Banka". This CD work is a relaxation music piece about whales that is also linked to the companion video work to the dolphin version. Ttotal 7 tracks, ranging from tracks that depict the mysterious world of the sea to track such as "Deep" and "Crystal World" that allow you to feel the depth of Shinsuke Honda. Qality.

名バンド”はちみつぱい”のギタリスト本多信介。解散後は吉田美奈子、あがた森魚のバックアップ・ミュージシャン、映画やドラマの楽曲制作に加えソロ作でも傑作”Silence”,"晩夏"などその確かなサウンドメイキングは日増しに支持を集めています。本作はイルカ編と対となった映像作品ともリンクしたクジラを題材にしたリラクセーション・ミュージック作品。神秘的な海の世界を描いたような楽曲から本多信介の奥深さを感じ取れるような”Deep”や”Crystal world”のような曲まで全7曲。

T1 - Long Island

T2 - Brave Heart

T3 - Deep

T5 - Crystal world

T6 - Glory