Mio Fou - S.T.

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Label:Japan Record/水族館レーベル – 20JAL-1, 


Used LP 1984 Promo

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wears on back, totally nice condition) w/obi (discoloration of top), insert

Mio Fou by violinist Hirono Mio, who has participated in works by Morio Agata, Lion Merry, Variete, etc., and Hirofumi Suzuki of Moon Riders. This is the only work produced in the 80s after participating in an omnibus project. It contains eight tracks that seem to have been painted with a truly delicate touch, like a watercolor painting. There are many moments that will make you startle (again and again), such as the dreamy synth tune "Kodomotachi No Metronome" the floating sound of "Yumemiru Julia" and the pleasant sound of soft synths in "Picasso No Ao." True masterpiece.

あがた森魚, Lion Merry, Variete等の一筋縄ではいかないアーティスト作品へ参加してきたヴァイオリニスト美尾洋乃とムーンライダーズ鈴木博文によるMio Fou。本作はオムニバス作品へ参加後に制作された80年代唯一の作品。水彩画のような正に繊細なタッチで描かれたような全8曲を収録。ドリーミー・シンセ曲"Kodomotachi No Metronome"、フローティングに包まれる”Yumemiru Julia”、柔らかなシンセが心地よく響く”Picasso No Ao”など改めてハッとさせられる瞬間が多く訪れます。名作。

A1 - Ohdohri

A3 - Umi No Chinmoku

B2 - Yumemiru Julia

B3 - Kodomotachi No Metronome

B4 -  Picasso No Ao