Harry "The Crown" Hosono = 細野晴臣 – Bon Voyage Co. = 泰安洋行

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Label:Panam – GW-4021


Used LP 1976

Disc:VG+ (super miner warpped that makes the needle float up and down a bit not affect to sound playback, plays excellent, check audio clips)

Jacket:VG+ (only slight wears, good condition overall) w/obi (crease in the middle), booklet (light wear)

The second release in the “Tropical Trilogy” in 1976 by Haruomi Hosono on the eve of the formation of YMO. Hosono had a longing for New Orleans sound, and has taken the local specialty gumbo-like hodgepodge of music and cooked it up into a pop style with his unique originality, which is what makes this album so appealing. The thrilling compositions, oriental exoticism, the forward-vision mix of music always surprise us. We find myself wanting to listen to this album as summer approaches. Original first edition red obi (with a crease in the middle), complete with booklet.


A1 - 蝶々-San

A2 - 香港Blues

A3 - "Sayonara" The Japanese Farewell Song

A5 - 泰安洋行

B2 - Black Peanuts

B3 - Chow Chow Dog

B5 - Exotica Lullaby