Siinkwa Chonjang = 시인과 촌장 – 시인과 촌장 제 2집

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Label:동아기획 – VIP-20028

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1986

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears/wrinkles, not bad condition overall) w/insert (wears)

The second album in 1986 by Siinkwa Chonjang, a Korean folk duo whose name means "city people and villagers. The duo has had hits locally, and their songwriting is impressive, filled with a pastoral and comfortable atmosphere with a hint of Western influences. Among the highlights are new age-like feel folk tune "고양이" with flowing development and mellow organic folk "진달래" that swings smoothly. 

都会人と村人を意味する韓国のフォークデュオSiinkwa Chonjangによる86年のセカンドアルバム。現地ではヒット曲を持つデュオで、西洋の影響も感じさせながら牧歌的で心地いい空気感に満ちたソングライティングが印象的。中でも流れるように展開していくニューエイジ的な感覚にも似た”고양이”、滑らかにスイングするメロウ・オーガニック・フォーク”진달래”はハイライト。全体的にもクオリティを感じるコリアンフォーク良作。

A3 - 고양이

A4 - 진달래

B1 - 사랑일기

B2 - 떠나가지마 비둘기

B4 - 풍경

B5 - 비둘기 안녕