Roberto Donnini ‎– Fluxmar

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Label:Lynx Records


Used LP 1992 Numberd 70/300

Disc:EX (great shape)

Jacket:VG+/EX (light scuffs, minimal wears, dead stock copy)

Another master work in 1992 by Italian composer Roberto Donnini, known for his two minimal works "Tunedless" in the 80's. Along with avant-garde musicians such as Lino Capra Vaccina and Andrea Centazzo, various tones such as programming, piano, percussion, and horn overlap, and all four parts seem to blend into your dreams. Just incredible. Limited 300 dead stock copy with hand made painted cover. 

80年代の二枚の傑作ミニマル作品”Tunedless”で知られるイタリア人作曲家Roberto Donniniの92年作。Lino Capra Vaccina, Andrea Centazzoら総勢17名の前衛ミュージシャンが奏でるプログラミング、ピアノ、パーカッション、ホーン等様々な音色が重なり、夢の中へ溶け込んでいくような全4パート。ただただ音に身を置いて聞いてください。大傑作。限定300部のハンドメイドペイント仕様。超貴重なデッドストック品です。

A1 - Luam

A2 - Iana

B1 - Marl

B2 - Ml. Immagina