Letícia Garcia – Magamaquiavérica Em Canturbano

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Label:Not On Label – LG 12


Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, good shape overall)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear, strongly good category as brazilian sleeve) w/lyric sleeve

Letícia Garcia, a female artist who is exceptionally talented even in the unique scene born in the South American metropolis of São Paulo. This is the only work released by her independently produced work, which is still largely hidden. A challenging and labyrinthine ensemble that follows the path explored by Arrigo Barnabe, the boss of the São Paulo avant-garde, which cannot be avoided in this scene. Suite-like A-side that wanders into orchestral compositions, mixing poetry and freakness. The B-side includes human-powered organic techno-like tune with unique pauses, rhythmic and thrilling avant tune, and even an ensemble performance typical of Hermeto. It’s a piece that even gives off a sense of invincibility that stands out among other releases of this kind. Even the artwork is perfect.

南米の大都市サンパウロが生んだ特異なシーンでもとびぬけて異才を放つ女性アーティストLetícia Garcia。未だ多くがベールに包まれた彼女の自主制作にてリリースされた唯一作。このシーンでは避けては通れないサンパウロ前衛派の親分Arrigo Barnabeが模索した道をたどるような、挑戦的で迷宮的なアンサンブル。オーケストラのような編成でポエトリーやフリークネスを織り交ぜ迷い込んで行く組曲的なA面。独特な間を持った人力有機テクノ、リズミカル&スリリングなアヴァン曲、エルメートばりのアンサンブルを披露したものまで盛り込んだB面。この手のリリースでも群を抜いてる無敵感さえ漂う作品。ミステリアスを際立たせるアートワークも完璧です。是非この世界観味わってください。

A1 - Maga Maquiavérica (Mulher Duende)

A3 - Saudade Eterna

A4 - Duendes Da Cidade

B2 - Um Momento De Paixão

B3 - Trilho Sem Fim

B4 - Nós Nu Mar

B5 - Caindo Pra Traz

B6 - Choro Em Botafogo