Chichito Cabral – Pa' Chimasa & Los Tocadores

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Used LP 1982

Disc:VG+/VG (slight crackle/surface noise at mostly quiet part, not bad impression overall, strong VG+, check audio clips)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs/wears, light tear, tape mark, not very bad condition as latin sleeve)

Chichito Cabral, a Uruguayan percussionist who has participated in important works  such as El Kinto, Almango, Jorge Galemire, released this 1982 album in Argentina. The album is more psychedelic and dopey than the 1985 release, and is supported by Uruguayan musicians such as Hugo Fattoruso, Pippo Spera, Urbano Moraes, Hugo Jasa, Yamandú Pérez, and Eduardo Márquez. Total amazing contents, include 7mins over spiritual tune ”Pa' Chimasa & Los Tocadores” with Hugo Fattoruso's synths and Daniel "Bachicha" Lencina's trumpet, dope psychedelic tune "Buscar" with electric guitar and synths, Roberto Da Silva joins in on "El Pua," a fusion tune with trippy synths in the middle part, spacy development and Uruguayan crossover sensation of "Orejas", and Chichito's signature tune "Don Pascual" which has also appeared on El Kinto/Jorge Schellemberg's stuff. Think this is a piece that can be evaluated more. Impressive. It has crackle a little at mostly quiet part, the impression is not bad.

TotemのパーカッショニストにしてEl Kinto, Almango, Jorge Galemire等の重要作品に参加してきたウルグアイ人打楽器奏者Chichito Cabralがアルゼンチンにてリリースした82年作。85年作品よりサイケ色が強くドープな印象、Hugo Fattoruso, Pippo Spera, Urbano Moraes, Hugo Jasa, Yamandú Pérez, Eduardo Márquezなどウルグアイ勢がサポート。オープニングのHugo FattorusoのシンセとDaniel "Bachicha" Lencinaのトランペットがスピリ,チュアルに響く長尺曲”Pa' Chimasa & Los Tocadores”、エレクトリックギターとシンセが絡むドープ・サイケデリックな”Buscar”、Roberto Da Silvaが参加しながら中盤のトリッピーなシンセ使いもグッとくるフュージョン曲”El Pua”、スペーシーな展開とウルグアイらしいクロスオーヴァー感覚の”Orejas”、El KintoやJorge Schellemberg作品にも収録されているChichitoの代表曲”Don Pascual”など全部いいです。これはもっと注目されるべき作品。全編素晴らしい内容。少しチリパチする箇所ありますが、そこまで悪くはない印象です。

A1 - Pa' Chimasa & Los Tocadores

A2 - Buscar

A3 - El Pua

B2 - Don Pascual

B4 - El Sombrero Blanco