Seiichi Nakamura = 中村誠一 – Wolf's Theme

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Label:Union Records – GU-5010


Used LP 1978

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Saxophonist Seiichi Nakamura. Since college, he has performed with Yosuke Yamashita and leaving important free jazz works as a member of the Yosuke Yamashita trio. Even though he led own group, he continued to release from Three Blind Mice and others, and moved to the United States. After returning to Japan, Nakamura has continued to make many friendships and appearances in a variety of venues, from duos to multi-piece ensembles. This wolf theme album in 1978 is based on a novel by Kazumasa Hirai, which he had been fascinated by before he moved to the US. Total 7 tracks including 3 original tunes, that go between post-bop and fusion, with a free atmosphere, as the insert says, "It feels like flying freely".

サックス奏者 中村誠一。大学時代から山下洋輔らと共演を重ね、そのまま山下洋輔トリオの一員として重要フリー・ジャズ作品を残す。自身のグループを率いてもThree Blind Mice等からリリースを重ね渡米、帰国後も多くの交友関係を結びながらデュオから多人数編成まで様々な現場に出演しています。本作は渡米前に元々、平井和正の小説に心酔していた中村がそれをテーマに制作した78年作。オリジナル3曲を含む、インサートにも”自由に飛翔するような感じ”と書かれているように柔軟な雰囲気のポスト・バップとフュージョンの間を行くような全7曲。

A1 - Wolf's Theme

A2 - Harappā

A3 - Body And Soul

B1 - Doxie

B4 - Viva Giappone