Edward Vesala – Nan Madol

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Label:Trio Records/ECM Records – PAP-9052, 


Used LP 1974

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs) w/insert, no obi

Finnish jazz maestro Edward Vesala's masterpiece for ECM's Japo. This is the Japanese ECM version released in the same year. Includes, A1 "Nan Madol" is filled with reverb-filled sound particles that come from a place so far away that it almost knocks you unconscious, long and well-crafted avant ethno jazz piece A4 "The Way Of...", and organic jazz ensemble rich in spirituality B2 "The Wind". Combined with the profound sound quality, it creates an amazing sound space. Just superb..

フィンランド人打楽器奏者/ジャズ音楽家Edward VesalaがECM閣下Japoに残した傑作。こちらは同年発売の日本規格ECM版。意識が飛んでしまいそうな位遠い所からやってくるリバーヴの効いた音の粒子が全てを覆いつくすA1"Nan Madol"、アヴァン・エスノ・ジャズ大作A4 ”The Way Of ...”、精神性に富んだ有機的ジャズアンサンブルB2 "The Wind"。重厚感のある音質も相まり圧巻の音空間が広がっています。すっげーです。