Michiko Hamamura = 浜村美智子 - バナナ・ボート

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Label:Victor - SJX-128


Used LP 1973

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear/tear) w/insert, no obi

Singer Michiko Hamamura is best known for her hit song “Banana Boat” which became a big hit during the calypso boom. This album was released in 1973, when she came back to the music scene with her powerful character, after having retired due to the end of the calypso boom and her marriage. The aforementioned Banana Boat is included, but the best  is the psychedelic Latin Kayo "Women Grin in the Shadows" a killer number with effective percussion. There are also other great latin/calypso songs, such as groove kayo songs and depressing kayo songs. It's not often seen, but think it deserves to be appreciated more.


A1 - バナナ・ボート

A3 - 男のためなら

A5 - たいくつなのさ

A6 - カーニバルの女

B3 - 女は影でほくそ笑む

B4 - スキャンダル