Mari Tutui = 津々井まり – 愛すれど心さびしく

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Label:RCA – JRS-7167


Used LP 1971

Disc:VG+ (one hair line on A side not affect to sound play, slight surface noise at mainly quiet part, totally good shape, check audio clips)

Jacket:VG+/VG (front cover is good condition, inside of gatefold sleeve/back sleeve have brown stains) w/obi (little cut, wears/stains) 

The only album by Oita-born singer Mari Tutui, and is a master cult Kayo piece. Top songs includes classic beat kayo "Mermaid's Love", the pheromone kayo "Onnakoishite yumewomiru", the melancholy Kyohei Tsutsumi-like "I'll Farewell" and the groovy kayo "For example, Once More with You". It's a wonderful sublimation of exquisite arrangements, thick groove, and her lustrous sweet voice. It is regrettable that she was only active for a few years. Disc is in good condition with rare obi.

大分出身の歌手 津々井まりが残した唯一のアルバムにしてカルト歌謡傑作。ビート歌謡名曲”人魚の恋”、フェロモン歌謡”女は恋して夢を見る”、哀愁漂う筒美京平らしい”別れてあげる”、グルーヴィ歌謡”例えば貴方ともういちど”を筆頭に筒美京平、いずみたく等が参加したアレンジの妙、太いグルーヴ、そして艶のある甘い歌声が見事に昇華された作品。わずか数年間の活動だったのが惜しまれます。美盤、稀少な帯付き。

A1 - 愛すれど心さびしく

A3 - 人魚の恋

A4 - 女は恋して夢を見る

A5 - 首ったけ

B4 - 悪女のためいき

B5 - 別れてあげる

B6 - 例えば貴方ともういちど