Ryozo Hemmi = 逸見良造 - WASH

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Used LP 1984

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

Jacket:VG+/EX (very clean) ※It looks like a brown stain, but it's designed like this

Keyboard player/musician Ryozo Hmmi released this album in 1984 on the Waseda-based Japanese minor library label musicraft, which is rare in Japan. He was active in the major fields related to Momoe Yamaguchi and "Kohaku Uta Gassen"(very traditional and famous TV problem in end of year), and was at the peak of his career in the 80's, but he left a indie work like this It's not the crazy Obscure type of library sound like a Europe/North America, but it does have some good songs, mainly fusion.

鍵盤奏者/音楽家の逸見 良造が日本では珍しい早稲田を拠点とした国産マイナーライブラリーレーベルmusicraftからリリースした84年作。山口百恵や紅白歌合戦に関わるメジャーフィールドで活動してきた人物で80年代は正に彼のキャリアのピーク期ですがこんな作品を残していました。欧米の狂ったオブスキュアタイプのライブラリー音源ではないですが、フュージョンを主体に良曲を収録しています。

A1 - Toward Evening

A4 - The Other World

B2 - Tohm

B3 - Messier 82

B5 - Child Of The Age