Henry Kawahara = ヘンリー川原 – Near Death/臨死体験

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Label:Green Energy – GECA1049


Used CD 1992

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An outsider writer Henry Kawahara. This work is part of the Parapsycho series, which aims to evoke various states of consciousness through sound. T1 titled Near Death Experience is a 20-minute track that begins with a sense of wandering somewhere and descends through a sound collage that appeals to the consciousness. T2 titled "Meet The Higher Self" also over 20 minutes, which moves from an abstract pulse sound that leads to another dimension to a dreamy sound space. Both are interesting and entertaining. Recommend to listen to them with a blast of sound.

日本が生んだアウトサイダー作家ヘンリー川原。本作は様々な意識状態を音によってより喚起させる試みを狙ったパラサイコシリーズの一枚。T1には臨死体験と題したどこかを彷徨っている感覚の序盤から意識に訴えかけるようなサウンドコラージュを経て墜ちていくような20分超えのトラック。T2にも20分超えのアブストラクトな別次元へ導くようなパルス音からドリーミーな音空間へ移っていく”Meet The Higher Self”を収録。どちらも面白く興味深いです。是非爆音で。

T1 Sample 1

T1 Sample 2

T2 Sample 1

T2 Sample 2