Ulrich Blume – Collage Abstracte

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Label:Acoustotrone – ACT 002 UB


Used LP 1988

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

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Ulrich Blume, a DIY electronic musician born in Bremen, Germany, is still shrouded in mystery. Although he was originally a choir member, he became interested in various electronic music through radio broadcasts in the 1970s, after building his own studio and self-released own electronic music works in the 80s. This is the second LP, released after first LP in 1985 and several cassette works. It contains more difficult to understand (deepened) experimental electronics in all parts compared to the first one.  Just guessing he's tired of the usual feeling? Enjoy the out-of-the-ordinary view of the world. Limited 200. Handmade jacket with photo attached.

未だ謎に包まれたドイツ・ブレーメン生まれのDIY電子音楽家Ulrich Blume。元々合唱団員だったものの、70年代からラジオ放送経由にて様々な電子音楽に興味を持ち自前のスタジオを構築後、80年代にかけて独自の電子音楽作品をセルフリリース。本作は85年の傑作ファーストLP、いくつかのカセット作品の後にリリースしたセカンドLP。ファーストに比べより難解度高めの(深化した)エクスペリメンタル・エレクトロニクスを全編に収録。もう普通の感じに飽きちゃったのかな。常人じゃない世界観たっぷり味わってみてください。最高!200部限定。写真を張り付けたハンドメイドジャケット仕様。

A1 - Sequence Chromatique

A2 - Collage Abstracte

B1 Sample 1

B1 Sample 2