Sven Torstenson - Drugs

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Label:Sonoton – SON 144


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape,)

Jacket:VG+ (slight scuffs, strongly good condition)

A library piece by German composer Sven Torstenson on the theme of drugs, which can be seen in the title. The entire album is total quite interesting, from psychedelic ambient style that evokes a sense of hallucination/euphoria to crazy synth tune, odd percussive track and more. This iconic cover is also unforgettable once you see it. Please experience this unique sound. Beautiful original copy.

ドイツ人作曲家Sven Torstensonが手掛けたタイトルにも見て取れるドラッグをテーマに制作されたライブラリー作品。幻覚/陶酔感覚を呼び起こすようなサイケデリックなアンビエントから狂ったシンセ曲、変種のパーカッシブトラックまで全編かなり面白い内容。この象徴的なカバーも一度見たら忘れられない。是非体感してみて下さい。オリジナル美品。

A2 - Soft Hallucinations

A3 - Sky Move

A4 - Destroyed Dreams

A8 - The Morning After

B1 - Heroin

B3 - Day Trip

B4 - Dealer's Corner

B6 - Riding Pegasus

B8  -Goin' Mad