Rik Rue – Bend An Ear

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Label:STI – none


Used LP 1987

Tape:VG+ (plays fine, TDK generic cassette, promo version?, sound is great(did not have the impression of being dubbed), not sure)

J-Card:VG+ (white&black version, )

A cassette piece released in Spain in 1987 by Sydney-born unique musician Rik Rue. Using a tape recorder as a "musical instrument", he has created a series of unique original soundscapes involving environmental sounds, singing voices, ethnic music of unknown origin, improvised music, and many other things. Among them, animal-like cries, environmental sounds, jazz, more "Dub Of St. Retia" which sounds like a dub edited, "Other Voices 1" which creates an exotic sound image by repeating a voice that sounds like an ethnic song, and “Lost And Rediscovered Voices” is composed of percussion sounds and a strange man’s voice, are particularly interesting. From the Zaragoza-based STI label, which has a small number of releases but is full of good works. The album is in black and white, like a promo version, instead of the conventional brown.

シドニー生まれの特殊音楽家Rik Rueのスペインからのリリースとなる87年カセット作品。テープレコーダーを「楽器」に用い環境音、歌声、産地不明の民族音楽、即興演奏、その他諸々を巻き込み張り繋いだ独自サウンドスケープの数々をここにも収録。動物のような鳴き声、環境音、ジャズあたりをダブ処理風にしたような”Dub Of St. Retia”、民族音楽の歌声らしき声を反復させてエキゾ音像を描く”Other Voices 1”、打楽器音、奇妙な男の声らで構成された”Lost And Rediscovered Voices”などは特に面白いです。さいこ~。サラゴサ拠点の少リリースながら良作ひしめくSTIレーベルから。従来の茶色ではなくプロモ版のような白黒体裁。再生する限りダビングされたような印象はなかったですが詳細不明です。そちらだけご了承下さい。

A2 - Twisted Words And Misguided Mantras

A3 - Other Voices 1

A4 - Lost And Rediscovered Voices

A6 - Dub Of St. Retia

B3 - Visions Of Future Past

B5 - Scoobly Doo