Mahara – Who Is My Brother?

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Label:Androgenii Records – AN-17


Used LP 1982

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Christian? hippie? This 7" single from 1982 by the male-female duo Mahara has an obviously wired atmosphere. First of all, the title track "Who Is My Brother?" with its magical groove of languid vocals, dry percussion sounds, and psychedelic guitar sounds, is insane. The other side includes the psych folk "The Quick And The Dead" This is also not bad. A piece that has been described as DIY outsider.

明らかにヤバそうな雰囲気を漂わせるクリスチャン系?ヒッピー?男女デュオMaharaによる82年の7"シングル。気怠いヴォーカル、乾いた打楽器音、サイケなギター音による呪術的グルーヴを放ちまくるタイトル曲がヤバいです。反対面にはサイケ・フォーク調”The Quick And The Dead”を収録。こちらも悪なくないです。DIYアウトサイダーとも評されるブツです。

A - Who Is My Brother?

B - The Quick And The Dead