Hal Blaine – Psychedelic Percussion

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Label:Victor – SCP-1343


Used EP 1967

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise at quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wrinkles, not bad condition)

A Japanese edition EP of the psychedelic classic released in 1967 by American percussionist Hal Blaine, known for his backing for the Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra. 4 tracks are excerpted from a free session piece created using a total of 58 instruments ranging from electronic instruments and toys to the sho, one of the wind instruments used in Japan's Gagaku. Include “Love-In” has a fast tempo and electric sound that emphasizes the psychedelic feel, “Flower Society”, a unique percussion track that uses bird calls, “Trippin’ Out” has a tripping sound with a mix of organ and various percussive sounds, and “Wiggy” with Latin colors. There is a single version, but the EP is likely to be the only Japanese version. The title written in Japanese is also cool. 

Beach BoysやFrank Sinatraのバッキングを務めた打楽器奏者Hal Blaineが67年にリリースしたサイケデリック古典名作の日本版EP。電子楽器、おもちゃ、日本の雅楽の管楽器の一つ笙に至るまで全58種の楽器を使い制作された前衛的なフリー・セッション作品から4曲を抜粋。早いテンポにエレキサウンドがサイケ感を際立たせる”Love-In”、鳥の鳴き声を用いたユニークなパーカッション曲”Flower Society”、オルガンはじめ様々な音色が混じりながらトリップしていくような”Trippin' Out”、ラテン的色彩を加えた”Wiggy”。シングル盤はありますがEPはこの日本版だけの可能性が高そうです。日本語で書かれたタイトルもズバリかっこいい。稀少だと思います。

A1 - Love-In

A2 - Flower Society

B1 - Trippin' Out

B2 - Wiggy