Beckers - Yalkinoglu – Greetings

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Label:Milky-Music – G.B. 1804531979


Used LP 1979

Disc:VG+ (good shape, dead stock copy)

Jacket:VG+ (dead stock copy, artist autograph/writing, light wear around bottom right corner, not bad condition)

1979 self-released collaboration one between German guitarist/composer Günther Beckers who has left behind a series of works created for his own paintings and exhibitions and guitarist Özkan Yalkinoglu. It sounds like contemporary jazz with a hint of ECM influence, and also excels as a pure minimal guitar work.

自身の絵画と展覧会の為に制作された一連の作品を残している独人ギタリスト/作曲家Günther Beckersと同じくギター奏者Özkan Yalkinogluによる79年の共作。ECMの影響を感じさせるコンテンポラリー・ジャズにも聞こえたり、純粋なミニマルギター作品としても秀逸。