Andrea Centazzo – Indian Tapes

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Label:Ictus Records ‎– ICTUS 0013/14/15


Used 3×LP 1980

Disc:VG+/EX (great shape)

Jacket:VG+ (slight wrinkles, good condition) w/original inner sleeve (cut parts), poster, insert, booklet (complete)

Andrea Centazzo, a percussionist/improvisational musician who has written Italy's first percussion instructional book, taught percussion history and technique, and performed with Steve Lacy, Lol Coxhill, Henry Kaiser, John Zorn, Toshinori Kondo, more since the early 1970s. This work is 3 vinyls released in 1980 with the theme of the life philosophy of the American Indians who have been the source of his inspiration since the 1960s, the life, the spirit, and the nature, which was in perfect balance. It's not the music of the Indians, It's an image/sound source of the atmosphere of their culture. It took about 7 years from the idea in 1973 to release it as triple disc set privately, even though it took a financial burden because it could not be expressed on one record. A lifetime piece dedicated to the Indians, combining noise, nature sounds, breath of life, chants from other cultures, based on improvisations of percussion instruments from all over the world, original handmade instruments, and electronic sounds. A booklet with photos of the site visit, an insert with commentary, a poster are all available.

イタリア初の打楽器教則本の執筆並びに打楽器の歴史やテクニックを教える講師活動に加え70年初頭からSteve Lacy, Lol Coxhill, Henry Kaiser, John Zorn, 近藤等則らとの共演履歴を持つ打楽器奏者/即興音楽家Andrea Centazzo。本作は60年代よりインスピレーションの源であったアメリカ・インディアンの人生、精神、自然との完璧なバランスを成していた人生哲学をテーマにした80年発表の三枚組の大作。インディアンの音楽ではなくその文化の雰囲気をイメージ/音源化したもので、73年の着想からおよそ7年の歳月をかけ一枚のレコードでは表現でききれず経済的崩壊を辞せず自主制作にてリリースした渾身作でもあります。数々の世界中の打楽器、オリジナル楽器、電子音の即興演奏を元にノイズ、自然音、生命の息吹、他文化からの聖歌などが交わるインディアンに捧げた一大音楽絵巻。一生もの。現地を訪れた写真が載ったブックレット、解説付きのインサート、ポスターなど全部揃ってます。

A2 - Étude Sur Le Tubophone

A4 - Indian Tapes

B1 - Dances: Introduction

B3 - Dances: First Movement

C1 - Los Brujios

C2 - Dances: Third Movement

D1 - Dances: Fourth Movement

D2 - Song For A Kalimba And A String Instrument

E1 - Scenes: First Episode

E2 - Buddist Monks Priest Song

E3 - Scenes: Second Episode

F4 - The Impossible... Jazz At Philharmonic