Various ‎– Amazônia / Cult Music Of Northern Brazil

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Used LP 1976

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A collection of sound sources for Umbanda, which has been listed as "A new religion that integrates the emerging afrocratic religion spread across Brazil and the cosmology of spiritism". The artist is an American known as an Afro-music explorer from Cuba, Haiti, voodoo, etc. Morton Marks. It contains a feverish recording spun against the backdrop of a mixture of various religions.

ブラジル各地に広がる新興アフロ化宗教と心霊術の宇宙論を統合した新興宗教として掲げられたウンバンダの為の音源集。手掛けたのはキューバ、ハイチ、ブードゥー等のアフロ音楽探索家で知られる米国人Morton Marks。様々な宗教の混合を背景に紡ぎ出される熱気を帯びた録音が収録されています。

A1 - Carimbó: Despedida De São Benedito (Farewell To St. Benedict)

A2 - Exú

A4 - Possession Sequence: Ogum Nika Befará

B3 - Caboclo De Pena