Nassib Guimarães – Pedaço Do Céu

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Label:Bemol – BMLP198


Used LP 1987

Disc:VG+ (good shape, only feel slight surface noise at mainly quiet part)

Jacket:VG+ (minor wears, good category) w/insert

1987 release by the still mysterious SSW Nassib Guimarães from Bemol, an excellent Minas label known for releases by Fernando Oly, Renato Mota. It's fully backed by the aforementioned Renato Mota, Nenem, who has been involved in many of Minas' important works. The album is a seamless blend of mellow and melty "O Rio" featuring female vocals, the smooth "Momentos" with its Minas floating feel, and beautiful acoustic number "Aprendendo Violão" with guitar and pandeiro. Great minas minor minus piece for those in the know.

Fernando Oly,Renato Motaなどのリリースで知られるミナスの優良レーベルBemolより未だ謎多きSSW Nassib Guimarãesによる87年作。前述のRenato Mota、ミナスの重要作に多く携わるNenemなどが全面バックアップ。女性ヴォーカルをフィーチャーしたとろけるようなメロウな楽曲”O Rio”、滑らかなミナス独特の浮遊感を持った”Momentos”、ギターとパンデイロのみの美しいアコースティック・ナンバー”Aprendendo Violão”を筆頭に隙の見当たらない内容。知る人ぞ知るミナス・マイナー秀作です。

A1 - Viola-Mulher-Viola

A2 - O Rio

A4 - Medo De Menino

A5 - Dias Iguais

B2 - Momentos

B3 - Nascente

B5 - Aprendendo Violão