Marcílio Menezes - S.T.

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Label:Omega Studios


Used LP 1992

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise at silent part, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (minor wear, light wrinkles/scuffs, not bad condition)

1992 album by Brazilian SSW/guitarist Marcílio Menezes. It's amazing São Paulo minor album with excellent songwriting, features a full range of music, from obscure tunes to samba MPB, beautiful organic folk, including the ballad MPB "A Fala Do Silêncio" with its hymn-like melody and vocals, and the urban fusion "Macaca" composed by Luli E. Lucina. The emotional saudade-feeling is also wonderful.

ブラジル人SSW/ギタリストMarcílio Menezesによる92年作。優れたソングライティングで聞かせる知る人ぞ知るサンパウロマイナー極上の内容で、讃美歌のようなメロディーとヴォーカルを奏でるバラードMPB”A Fala Do Silêncio”やLuli E Lucina作曲のアーバン・フュージョン”Macaca”を筆頭にオブスキュア調の曲からサンバMPB、美しいオーガニック・フォークまで充実の楽曲群。感情を揺らすサウダージ感覚も素晴らしいです。

A3 - Porto

A4 - A Fala Do Silêncio

A5 - Maria de Brazil

B1 - Alma

B2 - Macaca

B3 - Djara