Manfredo – Evolução

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Label:RGE – XRLP 5236


Used LP 1964

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise at some parts, generally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light/midium wears, not bad condition VG+ as this era's sleeve)

Blind pianist Manfredo Fest, a native of Porto Alegre, recorded this 1964 album under his own name. It's bossa jazz sound with lively rhythm work is included throughout featured Humberto Clayber,Antonio Anunciaçao,Dorimar Vasconcelos, more. Among them, "Fuga", which has an impressive lively piano tone at the beginning of the B side, ”Vagamente" with its pleasant vibraphone sound, and the groovy "Insensatez", where each performance stands out, are excellent. A piece that can be listened to throughout, with a pleasant sound that is suitable for listening during the heyday of bossa nova. Uruguayan pressing.

ポルトアレグレ出身の盲目のピアニストManfredo Festが自身の名義で吹き込んだ64年作。Humberto Clayber,Antonio Anunciaçao,Dorimar Vasconcelosなども参加しながら小気味いいリズムワークを中心としたボッサジャズを全編に収録。中でもB面冒頭の軽快なピアノワークが印象的な”Fuga”、ビブラフォンの音色も気持ちいい”Vagamente”、各演奏が際立つグルーヴィな”Insensatez”などは秀逸。ボサノヴァ全盛期のリスニングにも適した心地よいサウンドが広がる通して聞いて頂ける一枚。ウルグアイプレス盤です。

A4 - Mas Que Nada

A6 - Adoro El Samba

B1 - Fuga

B2 - Vagamente

B3 - Para Que Lorar

B5 - Lo Que Me Gusta De Ti