Luanda & Cao Alves – Água Na Palha

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Label:Not On Label – 804.508


Used LP 1992

Disc:VG+/VG (B5 has some minor noise scratches (check audio clips) , some popping in places, not very bad still enjoyable)

Jacket:VG+/VG (some stains/wears, light tape mark on back, no split/tears, totally not bad condition) w/insert

A self-released album in 1992 by Cao Alves, SSW/arranger from Bahia who has deep ties to Dercio Marques, who expressed out-of-focus Brazilian natural scenery and popular culture, and Luanda Alves, a singer who was active around Grupo Tarancón. The album is a collection of songs that were written and accumulated in the positive atmosphere of the 80s, when they traveled a lot and interacted with each other in various ways, and were released after 1990, a turning point that could be seen as the end of a cycle. It includes songs probably created along the way to travel with Luli E Lucina, João Bá, Giordano Mochel and others. From pastoral folky atmosphere to songs with cutting-edge arrangements, the two's beautiful vocals enhance the quality of the content. Quality thoughout, among them "Casa De Farinha" with its excellent arrangement and spiritual voice, organic folky tune "Flor Delirio" similar to Dercio Marques vibes, and "Pixãim" with its expansive vocals and diverse Brazilian-style rhythm work, are moving. It's a crystallization of many years of melting together of various elements. B5 has some minor noise scratches and some popping in places.

アウトフォーカスなブラジルの自然風景や大衆文化を表現したDercio Marquesとも深いつながりを持つバイーア出身のSSW/アレンジャーCao AlvesとGrupo Tarancón周辺で活動していた歌手Luanda Alvesによる92年の自主制作盤。自らが語る、たくさん旅をしながら様々に交流を重ねた80年代のポジティブな空気感の中で描き、積み重ねた楽曲群を、ひとつのサイクルの終わりとも取れる転換期となった90年を境にリリースした作品。おそらく道中にてLuli E Lucina, João Bá, Giordano Mochelらと制作された楽曲が収められています。牧歌的なフォーキーな雰囲気から先鋭的なアレンジを含んだ楽曲まで二人の美しいヴォーカルが更にそれを引き立てている極上の内容。どれもいいですが秀逸なアレンジメントとスピリチュアルな歌声がじわっとこみ上げてくる”Casa De Farinha”、Dercio Marquesに通じるようなオーガニック・フォーキーな一曲”Flor Delirio”、伸びやかなヴォーカルとブラジルらしい多彩なリズムワークを交えた”Pixãim”などは特にグッときます。様々な要素が溶け合いながら長年の結晶のような作品となっています。素晴らしいの一言。B5に周回ノイズの小傷、所々プツっとなる箇所ありますがまだまだ聞いて頂けます。

A2 - Brasil Em Preto E Branco

A3 - Cantata

A5 - Flor Delirio

B2 - Viva Zapátria

B3 - Casa De Farinha

B4 - Pixãim

B5 - Cocorobó (some minor noise scratches)