Flávio Salles - S.T.

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Used EP 198X

Disc:VG+ (feel light surface noise, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (brown wear, autograph, not bad condition as brazilian stuff)

A four-track EP by Brazilian SSW Flávio Salles on a small label in Rio de Janeiro. Produced by Gilson Peranzzetta, who is involved in Ivan Lins's works and many important works, and is also known as world famous arranger. Each tune features a different guest artist, on the A-side, "Absinto (Aguas Passadas)" with a warm groove featuring female singer Fátima Guedes, and the soulful tune "Tem Que Se Amar De Novo" arranged by Reinaldo Arias and featuring Paulinho Tapajós, which builds up in the second half. The B-side includes the mellow MPB "Amiga" with Jerônimo Jardim and the saudade-filled "Ardente Paixao" with Sarah Benchimol. All tunes are amazing.

ブラジル人SSW Flávio Sallesがリオの小さなレーベルからリリースした4曲入りEP。プロデュースをIvan Lins諸作や多くの重要作に関わり、名アレンジャーとしても知られるGilson Peranzzettaが手掛けながら、各曲毎にゲストを迎えて制作された構成。A面では女性シンガーFátima Guedesを迎え暖かなグルーヴがたまらない"Absinto (Aguas Passadas)",Reinaldo Ariasがアレンジを手掛けPaulinho Tapajósを迎え後半にかけてビルドアップしていくソウルフルな”Tem Que Se Amar De Novo"の2曲、B面にはJerônimo JardimとのメロウMPB"Amiga"、Sarah Benchimolとのサウダージ駄々洩れの高揚感に溢れた”Ardente Paixao"を収録。全曲素晴らしいです。

A1 - Absinto (Aguas Passadas)

A2 - Tem Que Se Amar De Novo

B1 - Amiga

B2 - Ardente Paixao