Baim - S.T.

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Label:Curare – 803.979


Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (slight surface noise at quiet part, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (scuffs/wrinkles/creases, not bad category as Brazilian sleeve we think) w/insert

A self-released album by Baum, a still unknown SSW from Minas Gerais. Total amazed contents with a gentle sense of melody and a floating sound reminiscent of his hometown predecessors. Above all, the soft and beautiful melody "Subvoar" featuring Lô Borges and hidden great composer Zé Neto is truly touching. There are also many nice tracks that give you a sense of the indigenousness and sophistication of Minas, such as "Seara Do Louvor" and "Reencarnação Aquariana". It's full of quality that makes it hard to believe it's an self-release. Wonderful piece.

ミナス・ジェライスの知られざるSSW Baimによる自主制作盤。同郷の先人たちを彷彿させるたおやかなメロディ・センスと浮遊感を備えたサウンドを全編に披露した好盤。何と言ってもLô Borges、そして隠れた名コンポーザーZé Netoが参加したまろやかで美しい旋律を描く”Subvoar”が沁みます。他にも”Seara Do Louvor”や”Reencarnação Aquariana”等々筆頭にミナスの地らしい土着と洗練を感じさせる楽曲をズラリと収録。自主盤とは思えないクオリティに満ちています。素晴らしい一枚。

A3 - Subvoar

A4 - Encanto Do Lugar

A5 - Seara Do Louvor

B2 - Primavera

B3 - Reencarnação Aquariana

B4 - Sinetes De Minas