Antenor Pimenta - Cinema

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Label:Bom Dia Producoes


Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (nice shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (slight ring wear,age scrubs) w/insert

Antenor Pimenta, unknown SSW from probably Minas, Brazil, released his 90's album.Although all the members are unknown, but the flowing melody line and the pure-hearted chords have recorded a good song that is exactly like Minas. Audio sample are A2 is an MPB type song with his sweet voice, A5 with Rosani Reis singing beautifully on the chorus, B2 is also beautiful number with good accent of keyboard work by Juliana Serra, and B5 is a samba-like song with Samba 6 members at the end. Good album.

ブラジル・ミナス出身と思われる未だ謎多きSSW Antenor Pimentaの90年作。参加メンバーも全員無名ながら流れるようなメロディラインや美しいハーモニーが正にミナスらしい良曲を収録しています。甘い声のヴォーカルが光るMPBタイプのA2、Rosani Reisとのコーラスがしっとり美しく歌われるA5、Juliana Serraのキーボードワークが印象的な綺麗なナンバーB2、ラストのSamba 6のメンバーが参加したサンバMPBグルーブB5と充実の内容です。

A3 - Milho Verde

A5 - Tanto Samba

B2 - Moca De Porto Rico

B5 - Supoe