Aleksander Zatsepin = Александр Зацепин - Песни Из К/ф „Узнай Меня”

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Label:Мелодия – С 60—14995-96


Used LP 1980

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wears, not bad condition)

Aleksander Zatsepin, born in Novosibirsk, Siberia, he learned to play in a military ensemble and became a film composer, since then, he has continued to produce huge number of works and is one of the greatest composers in the Soviet Union. This work is the soundtrack for the movie "Know Me", and it is full of amazing tracks such as Zatsepin's electro-disco A1, mid-urban mellow A3, and cosmic funk B1. There's nothing wrong with this maestro.

シベリア・ノヴォシビルスクに生まれ軍のアンサンブルで演奏を学び映画音楽家の道へ、それ以後膨大な作品を制作し続けているソヴィエトが生んだ大作曲家 Aleksander Zatsepin。本作は映画「Know Me」のサントラ作品で、ザツェーピン流のエレクトロ・ディスコA1、ミッド・アーバン・メロウA3、コズミック・ファンクB1など例に漏れずイカつ目なトラック満載。この人にハズレなし。細かなアレンジ、差し音などにも注目して聞いてみて下さい。