Tilaye Gebre Sax with Dahlak Band - የጥላዬ ሳክስ ከዳህላክ ባንድ ጋር = Shadow Sax with Dahlak Band

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Label:Electra Music Shop


Used Cassette 19XX

Tape:VG+ (plays fine and loud)

Jacket:VG+ (light wears, not bad condition)

In addition to performing at nightclubs as a hotel exclusive band, Dahlak Band has often performed with important artists such as Hailu Mergia, a representative of Ethiopian rare groove. This cassette release is a leader work that was released by Tilaye Gebre, the saxophonist of the Dahlak Band, with the band. The performance form is loose and melting while creating a unique smoky atmosphere, and the addictive groove is infused with psychedelic fluctuations and lo-fi vibes. Contains a total of 9 tunes with such tension. This is exactly the sound we want to listen now. 

ホテル専属のバンドとしてナイトクラブでの演奏に加えエチオピア産レアグルーヴの代表格Hailu Mergiaら重要アーティストとの共演も多く務めたDahlak Band。本カセットはそのDahlak Bandのサックス奏者Tilaye Gebreがバンドを従え密かにリリースしていたリーダー作品。独特なスモーキーな風情を醸し出しながらゆるくとろけるような演奏フォーム、そこにサイケデリックなゆらぎ、ロウな空気感等が注入されたような中毒性のあるグルーヴ。こんなテンションの全9曲を収録。いや~たまりません。月曜日から仕事したくなくなります笑。当店が今聞きたい音のひとつ。

A1 - አልበቃኝም

A3 - ትዝታ

A5 - አልቻልኩም

B1 - እዩአት ስትናፍቀኝ

B2 - ገላ ገላ

B3 - የዓይኔ ተስፋ

B4 - ትዝ አለኝ የጥንቱ