Terence Dolph – Gongs For Meditation

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Label:Pythagoras Press


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Terence Dolph, an American singer/composer who has conducted an orchestra of gongs, tam-tams, cymbals, and wood blocks from Wuhan, China, and has recorded several works. This is one of a series of self-released works focusing on meditation, relaxation, body work, and holistic health. The minimalist gongs and reverberations echo like a drone on this 50-minute meditative soundtrack. A meditative sound source lasting approximately 50 minutes, with minimalism gong sounds and drone-like reverberations. Great piece.

中国武漢発祥の銅鑼タムタムはじめシンバル、ウッドブロックからなるオーケストラを指揮しいつくかの作品を残している米人歌手/作曲家Terence Dolph。本作は瞑想、リラクゼーション、ボディ・ワーク、ホリスティック・ヘルスに焦点を当て制作された自主制作シリーズのひとつ。ゴングがミニマルに鳴り残響音がドローンのように響いてくる約50分に渡るメディテーショナル音源。

A - Gongs For Meditation

B - Gongs For Meditation