Mick Miyagawa Show = ミック宮川ショー - ViN! ViN! ミックちゃん

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Used Cassette 1988

Tape:VG+ (plays fine)

Jacket:Generic w/insert 

Music producer Mick Miyagawa was born in Hyogo Prefecture. After 1990, he became famous as a radio personality, but this unreleased cassette that is thought to have been sold around 1988, when he was mainly active in music. Like flexi-disc single released in the same year, it includes "Kawajan" and "HANAJI Boo", which have an extraordinary musical sense. Kaoru Sato from EP-4 also participates (not a song). Comes with handwritten insert.


A1ーA2 - ザ・マンザイ - HANAJI・ブー

A4 - 皮ジャン

B2 - 涙のバービー人形