Masayuki Koga & Rahul Sariputra – East Meets East

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Label:Guru Ram Das Publications And Recordings – GRD 109


Used Cassette 1981

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A collaborative work by shakuhachi player Masayuki Koga, who moved to the US in the early 80s and spread the shakuhachi and other Japanese instruments around the world and continues to be active in the US today, and sitar maestro Rahul Sariputra. As seen from the US, this East vs. East collaboration is an attempt that could be described as New Age classical, weaving together the purity and strength of Zen with the rich flavor of the sitar. The sound of both is so pleasant that it fills every corner of your heart. This is a piece you want to close your eyes and listen to slowly. The original seems to have been released only on cassette in the U.S. and Canada. Rare.

80年代初頭にアメリカに渡り尺八をはじめとした日本楽器を世界に広め、現在もアメリカで活動を続ける尺八奏者 古賀将之とシタールの巨匠Rahul Sariputraによる共演作。アメリカから見たイースト対イーストの共演に映る、禅の純粋さと力強さにシタールの持つ豊かなフレイバーが織り成すニューエイジ・クラシカルとも表現できる試み。心の隅々を満たすような両者の音の響きが心地いいです。目を閉じてゆっくりと聞きたい作品。オリジナルはアメリカとカナダにてカセットでリリースされたものだけのようです。稀少。

A - East Meets East Part One

B1-B2 - Sokyo - Zen Dance

B3 - Skyokyoku