Kojun – The Water Garden = 水中庭園

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Label:Be-Jam Records – BJ-5556


Used CD 1993

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Kojun Kuniba, also known as Kojun, is a musician and drummer born in Okinawa. While working mainly behind the music scenes since the 1970s, he has been involved with a number of bands and began work on "The Water Garden" in the mid-1980s, but completed it in 1993 due to the unexpected formation of a new band. The sound world view of "The Water Garden" is based on the image of peaceful Asia where sounds came and went and were welcomed as something fresh in the pre-modern East and Southeast Asia, which prospered through maritime trade. The aforementioned band also appears to have had a musical form that blended Okinawan, Southeast Asian, and Chinese melodies, and while including tune from that period, the album contains a total of 7 tunes that seem to have bundled together Asian-derived musical scales using electronic instruments and multi-tracking. 

沖縄生まれの音楽家/ドラム奏者Kojunこと國場幸順。70年代より主に裏方に回りながら数々のバンドと関りながら、本作「The Water Garden」は80年代半ばに着手したものの、予期せぬバンド結成などが重なり93年に完成させた作品。海上交易で繁栄した近世以前の東アジア~東南アジアの営みの中で、音も行き来しフレッシュなものとして迎えられたと思い描いた「平和なアジア」をイメージした沖縄出身ならではの音世界。前述のバンドでも沖縄、東南アジア、中国のメロディーを溶け合わせた音楽形態だったようで、その頃の楽曲も含みながら電子楽器とマルチトラックを使い、アジア由来の音階を束ねたような全7曲を収録。

T2 - Lady With Chinese Parasol

T3 - Gate Of Market

T4 - The Water Garden

T6 - Ravine

T7 - Dancing In The Lotus Garden