Arcana – Mind Spectra

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Label:Hachiman – AS92-0001


Used CD 1992

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Arcana, an experimental group composed of composer/percussionist Shinichi Kaneda, violinist Hiroaki Ishii, and pianist Mitsuko Kado, attempts "alchemy of sound" using contemporary music and classical techniques in their only work from 1992. Apparently released by Hachiman Shoten, which is well-known for Henry Kawahara releases, the album includes "Wavy Trip" which combines over 20 minutes of restitution of consciousness, temporal shaping of waves, and circular structures, "Minimal Brain" a percussive electro type track that incorporates minimal music methodologies, and classically inspired new age tune "Mirage". Contains a total of 4 tracks that interweave various phenomena and considerations. It has an atmosphere similar to that of Mar-Pa.

作曲家/打楽器奏者 金田真一、ヴァイオリニスト石井宏明、ピアニスト門光子の三人による現代音楽やクラシックの手法を用いた「音の錬金術」を試みるエクスペリメンタル・グループArcanaの92年の唯一作。ヘンリー川原でお馴染み八幡書店からのリリースらしく、20分を超える意識の返還、波動の時間的造形、円環構造などを組み合わせた”Wavy Trip”、ミニマル・ミュージックの方法論を取り入れたパーカッシブ・エレクトロ調”Minimal Brain”、クラシカルな雰囲気のニューエイジ・チューン”Mirage”など様々な事象や考察を織り交ぜた全4曲を収録。Mar-Paなんかにも近い雰囲気。

T1 - Wavy Trip

T2 - Dōria

T3 - Minimal Brain

T4 - Mirage