Mira - S.T.

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Label:Akolda Enterprises – K.A.G 010


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (some slight marks but plays great, check long audio clips)

Jacket:VG+/VG (3 tape repair parts, some wears, totally not very bad condition)

Probably the only work by still mysterious Cameroonian artist Mira a.k.a. Georges Kibong. Backed by Aladji Touré, Vincent Nguini, Paco Sery, who have been involved in numerous productions since the 70's, it has become a cult Afro work with a strangely addictive wired sticky groove based on Bikutsi, a local music originating in Cameroon. Especially "National", which has a bouncy sense of rhythm and a unique vocal groove, and "Dounia", which is fascinating with a variety of beats while adjusting the speed, are excellent, and don't miss the Balearic atmosphere of "Libération". Amazing african piece. There is a repair tape parts on the jacket, so the price has been reduced. The disc is very shape.

詳細不明のカメルーン人アーティストMira a.k.a. Georges Kibongが残した唯一作。バックに70年代より幾多の作品に関わるAladji Touré, Vincent Nguini, Paco Seryなどが務めながらカメルーン発祥の現地音楽Bikutsiを土台にしたワイヤード的粘着グルーヴが妙にクセになるカルトアフロ作品となっています。とりわけ跳ねるようなリズム感覚と独特なヴォーカルがグルーヴする”Nationale”、緩急をつけながら多彩なビートで魅せる”Dounia”は秀逸。バレアリック雰囲気の”Libération”もお見逃しなく。これは最高です。ジャケの胡散臭さもグッ。ジャケに補修シールありますのでお安くしてます。盤は非常に良好です。

A2 - Nationale

A3 - Libération

B1 - Bemoé

B2 - Dounia