V.A. - Music Of Ainus = アイヌの音楽 / コタンの歌と踊

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Label:Seven Seas – GT-5026


Used LP 1974 Reissue

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (light minor wear on back, totally nice condition) w/obi

1974 production that recorded various traditional music passed down in Ainu villages, the indigenous people of Japan, recorded locally. The album includes "Lullaby" sung with a unique rolled tongue, "Iyomante Dance" a minimal chorus by the women of the village, "Mukkuri" a mouth harp played mainly by Ainu women and said to be hard to play well, and "Tapukalu" a powerful song sung like a roar with a stomping sound on the ground. It's known as one of the best contents in "Ethnic Music Series" that contains valuable sound sources. Beautiful copy with obi.

日本の先住民族であるアイヌに受け継がれる伝統音楽の数々を現地録音にて収録した74年作。巻き舌を用いた独特な歌唱の”子守唄”、村の女たちによるミニマル合唱”イヨマンテの踊り”、アイヌでは女性を中心に演奏されその演奏は難解と言われる口琴『ムックリ』、地を踏み鳴らし唸り声のように歌う迫真の”タプカル ”を筆頭に貴重な音源を収録。民族音楽シリーズでも屈指の内容として知られています。帯付きの美品。

A1 - セッカリ・ウポポ

A2 - 粟打ち歌

A3 - 子守歌

A9 - イヨマンテの踊り

B1 - ムックリ

B4 - 鶴の舞

B9 - タプカル