Four Sisters = フォーシスターズ / Tetsuhiro Daiku = 大工哲弘 – 丘の一本松 / 山崎のあぶじゃーま

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Label:RBCレコード – RM-112


Used 7" 19XX

Disc:VG+ (good shape)

Jacket:VG+/VG (creases, light wears)

Big recommend is A side features wired style Min'yō of "One Pine Tree in the Hills" sung by Four Sisters followed by Okinawa dialect dialog of Masao Yagi and Kotaro Ogimi.  The B-side couples with "Yamazaki No Abujama" sung emotionally by Tetsuhiro Daiku, one of the great Okinawa Min'yō singers.


A - 丘の一本松

B - 山崎のあぶじゃーま