Kenhachi Matsuda = 松田健八 – 伊野波節(ぬふぁぶし)

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Label:マルフクレコード – F-21


Used LP 1974

Disc:VG+ (good shape overall, slight surface noise at some parts)

Jacket:VG+/VG (light scuffs, wears/stains on back)

Kenhachi Matsuda, a utasanshin player who is also known as the holder of the Important Intangible Cultural Property "Kumiodori", sings with a flower hat in hand and dances the Nufabushi, one of the seven classic women's dances. It's a Ryukyuan dance that combines long, deep singing with koto, taiko, and kokyu performances. Among them, "Nufabushi No Odori", which continues with "Nufabushi" and "Nagaonnabushi" at the end, is a realistic performance that conveys a sense of tension.

重要無形文化財「組踊」保持者としても知られる歌三線奏者 松田健八が唄う手に花笠をもって踊る古典女七踊りの一つ 伊野波節(ぬふぁぶし)のをどり用レコード。腹の底から出される長く続く歌唱に箏、太鼓、胡弓の演奏が組み合わされた琉球舞踊。中でも終盤の「伊野波節」「長恩納節」が続く”伊野波節の踊り”が緊張感伝わる迫真の演奏。

A1 - 松竹梅の踊り [揚作田(松) - 東里節(竹) - 赤田花風(梅) - ソンバレ - 黒島節 - 夜雨節 - 浮島節]

A3 - 摩踊り [渡りザウ - 滝落し菅撹 - 揚作田]

B2  - 伊野波節の踊り Part 1

B2  - 伊野波節の踊り Part 2