Uji Rashid – Merpati

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Label:CBS – M 115


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+/VG (plays fine but some hairlines affect to tiny click noise at some parts, no skip/jump)

Jacket:VG+ (light wear, on small sticker) 

1983 album by Malaysian singer Uji Rashid. The album contains a number of songs that are composed by Ahmat Shariff, Iskandar Mirza who are considered well-known composers in country who have worked on many works, while setting up convincing arrangements that combine percussion instruments, synths, 80's harmony. First, listen to the mid "kayo" style ``Tak Seindah Mimpi'' with its irresistible harmonies and percussion, and the killer ``Merpati'', which combines 80's synths and percussion with a Middle Eastern sense of rhythm. It's a wonderful content that makes you feel the interaction of many cultures.

マレーシア人シンガーUji Rashidによる83年作。多くの作品を手掛けているこの界隈では有名な作曲家と思われるAhmat Shariff,Iskandar Mirzaなどがコンポーズを務めながら、打楽器、シンセなどを組み合わせた確信犯的なアレンジメントを仕掛けた楽曲を多数収録。まずはパーカッション、イタないハーモニーがたまらないミッド歌謡”Tak Seindah Mimpi”、80年代らしいシンセ使いとパーカッションのコンビネーションで中東的なリズム感覚も魅力のキラー歌謡”Merpati”からどうぞ。他にもいい曲入ってます。多くの文化の交わりを感じさせながらそのクオリティを示してくれるような素晴らしい内容。

A1 - Merpati

A2 - Hallo Kota!

A3 - Kau Masih Istimewa

A5 - Kasih Terindah Untukmu

B2 - Memori

B3 - Tak Seindah Mimpi

B4 - Sang Rajuna Hati

All this YouTube sound sources are recorded from this copy.