Soo Chul Kim = 김수철 – 大河드라마 : 역사는 흐른다

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Label:Seoul Records – SPER-080

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1990

Disc:VG+ (feel slight surface noise as quiet record, totally good shape and looks shiny)

Jacket:VG+/VG (punch hole on left bottom part, light scuffs

Soo Chul Kim, a Korean composer who has worked on a wide range of music from popular music, soundtracks, rock, experimental music and ambient music. This one is the OST of the drama "History Flows" that was broadcast from 1989 to 1990. Creates a sound world that mixes tradition and extraordinary, centering on orchestral and synthesizers. It's a piece that also connects to the 1992 masterpiece "Sori For Invocation.

大衆音楽、サウンドトラック、ロック、実験音楽、アンビエントまで幅広い音楽を手掛ける韓国人作曲家Soo Chul Kimによる1989年から1990年まで放送された大河ドラマ「歴史は流れる」のOST。オーケストラ編成とシンセサイザーを中心に伝統と非日常が交錯したような音世界を創出。とりわけスムース・フュージョン”비정”、宮廷音楽とニューエイジが相まったような”가극배우”は秀逸。92年の傑作”Sori For Invocation”にも繋がるような作品となっています。

A1 - 역사는 흐른다

A4 - 이별

B1 - 심련

B2 - 비정

B4 - 가극배우