Kim Byoung Duk – Pot Concerto

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Label:Si-Wan Records – SRMK 0001

Country:South Korea

Used LP 1994

Disc:VG+ (looks clean and glossy but has slight surface noise as quiet record, very mild edge wrapped on B side not affect to sound, strongly VG+ condition)

Jacket:VG+ (light discoloration at joints part of gimmick sleeve, good condition overall) w/insert

Kim Byoung Duk, a Korean special unique musician who manipulates a variety of musical instruments, including his handmade pot. This work is a true gem released in 1994, which is a performance that combines the spirituality of Tao, meditation, and musical sensibility that have expanded to include psychedelic, spiritual, avant-garde, ambient, more through his own record store since the 1970s. Total 8 tracks include 7min over ”Shaman Tree” that creates an absorbing spiritual sound space and "Pot Concerto" an improvised performance of pot, water sounds, bass, drums, percussion. Comes with gimmick sleeve shaped like pot. A truly timeless work that has been neatly crafted.

自作の陶器含む様々な楽器を操る韓国人特殊音楽家Kim Byoung Duk。本作は70年代より営む自身のレコード店を通じサイケデリック、スピリチュアル、アヴァンギャルド、アンビエントと広がっていった音楽的嗜好、タオの精神性、メディテーション等を結び付けたパフォーマンスを刻んだ94年の超傑作。7分を超える吸い込まれるようなスピリチュアル音響空間を作り出した一曲”Shaman Tree”、陶器、水の音、ベース、ドラム、打楽器等のインプロ的演奏”Pot Concerto”を筆頭とした全8曲。ジャケットも壺を型取った特殊仕様。端正に作り込まれた正に一生ものの作品。盤面綺麗ですが静かなレコードの為、少しチリパチする印象です。

A1 - Shaman Tree

A2 - Ride In Smoke

A3 - New Jazz Form

B1 - Pot Concerto