Vivencia – Pare y Escuche

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Label:Discos CBS – 20.434/ALS 6860/1


Used LP 1983

Disc:VG+ (B1/B2 tracks has light cracks, totally good shape)

Jacket:VG+ (whole sleeve looks wavy, light scuffs/wears, totally not bad condition)

Vivencia, a folk-rock duo consisting of Eduardo Alberto Fazio and Héctor Luis Ayala, has been releasing since the early 1970s. It includes tunes from folky type to soft rock style with a mixture of soft melody work and pensive atmosphere. The gentle folk tune "La Soledad De Carolina" and breezin city rock "Soy Una Persona" are especially recommended. While capturing the sense of the times, the whole piece has a pleasant and favorable style.

70年代初頭よりリリースを重ねるEduardo Alberto FazioとHéctor Luis AyalaによるフォークロックデュオVivenciaによる83年作。柔らかなメロディワークとペンシブな空気感が入り混じるフォーキー路線からソフトロック調まで収録。とりわけジェントルな冒頭”La Soledad De Carolina”、ブリージンなシティロック風”Soy Una Persona”は白眉。時代感を捉えながら全編心地いい作風。

A1 - La Soledad De Carolina

A2 - Soy Una Persona

A4 - Bolsa De Trabajo

B2 - Pare y Escuche