Rodolfo Alchourron – Canto y Clarificacion

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Label:Qualiton – SQH-2046


Used LP 1976

Disc:VG+ (only feel slight surface noise, good shape overall)

Jacket:VG+ (light scuffs/wears, good condition)

Rodolfo Alchourron has been active in the early days of Argentine jazz, and is known as a composer and arranger who explored a wide range of jazz expression. This album was recorded in 1976 with new members after the Sanata Y Clarificación period, which included Gato Barbieri, Adalberto Cevasco, Alfredo Remus. With the participation of Rodolfo Mederos replaces the key jazz instrument with a bandoneon, Marcelo San Juan, Norberto Minichillo, Manolo Juárez, more others, it was inspired by such as the possibilities of melody, rhythmic elements taken from Argentine folklore, interest in the music of Buenos Aires. Total amazing contents, including full of elegance with a rock-like sensibility “Y Componer Una Cancion”, jazz-rock style ”Furia Del Amanecer” with complex developments as if manipulating motion and stillness, beautifull guitar and vocal "Al Fin Entendi" with Patricia Clark. It exudes a sophisticated atmosphere that is different type from Spinetta, and the more you listen to it, the more it shines. Excelente!

アルゼンチンジャズ聡明期より活動し、ジャズの幅広い表現方法を探った作曲家そして界隈きってのアレンジャーとして知られるRodolfo Alchourron。本作はGato Barbieri, Adalberto Cevasco, Alfredo Remusらが参加したSanata Y Clarificación期を経て、新たなメンバーにて録音された76年作。キーとなっているジャズ菅楽器をバンドネオンに置き換えた名プレイヤーRodolfo Mederosの他にもMarcelo San Juan, Norberto Minichillo, Manolo Juárez等を従えメロディの可能性、フォルクローレ由来のリズム、映画などを通じたローカル音楽をインスピレーションにした作品。ロック的センスを匂わせエレガンスに満ちた”Y Componer Una Cancion”、動と静を操るように複雑な展開を見せるジャズロック調の一曲”Furia Del Amanecer”、Patricia Clarkとの美しい引き語り”Al Fin Entendi”など筆頭に全編隙なし。スピネッタとはまた違った幽玄な空気感を滲ませ、聞けば聞くほど輝きを増していきます。素晴らしいです。未だにCD化もされていないのが不思議です。

A1 - Con Mis Jugetes Saldre a Vivir

A2 - Al Fin Entendi

A3 - Y Componer Una Cancion

A5 - Argentina 75

A6 - Furia Del Amanecer

B1 - Del Todo Vos

B4 - Compongamos La Mentira

B5 - Me Quedo Aqui